Idea Group

Three Baltic countries. 14 companies. 160 employees. Around 60 in Estonia in 5 different agencies. Creative agency Idea AD, digital agency Idea Lab, PR agency Idea PR and media agencies Idea Havas Media and Idea Havas Digital.

Maakri 19/21 is our headquarters, 3rd floor. Our lovely secretary Merilin will greet You at the door. From all the others, equally lovely, we’ll form teams best for Your company or brand. You can put us to the test.

Idea Group is part of Havas, one of the biggest integrated marketing communications agencies. We have the privilege to use Havas’ unique tools and research methods, e.g. Meaningful Brands and Connect.


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Mark Eikner

GSM +372 509 1051


Eha Talvist-Reinsalu

Country Manager
GSM +372 510 2400

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