Case studies

Re-opening of Ülemiste shopping centre

October 2014


To inform the public about the re-opening of Ülemiste shopping centre and its widened product range. Another part of the task was to introduce the centre’s new visual identity.


Idea AD in cooperation with IDEA PR created the centre’s opening campaign concept “Full of Experiences”.
The PR team devised messages for the main target groups, and they drew up a communication strategy and a tactical communication plan for the pre-opening and opening periods.

In addition to traditional media solutions for television, outdoor and online media, many customised solutions were used to boost the key message. The author of the opening campaign’s theme song was a young singer called Anna Kutshinskaya. Her song sounded at the opening event and her singles were given to VIP-guests as gifts. Singles were also distributed to people on the street and at the airport.

VIP taxi stops decorated in the Ülemiste centre’s colours were installed at Ülemiste City. Branded cars drove customers to the town centre and back. Also a bus decorated in the Ülemiste centre’s colours transported customers from the harbour and city centre to Ülemiste. To invite arriving tourists to the Ülemiste centre, a luggage belt decorated with Ülemiste’s design elements was installed at Tallinn Airport.


During the opening weekend, the centre was visited nearly 100,000 times. The number of purchases was 116,600 and turnover 2.6 million euros. Ülemiste centre’s website had more than 20,000 visits per day and in a week its Facebook page garnered 1,000 new fans. In October, nearly 100 media releases were published, which all supported the new image of Ülemiste centre.