Case studies

Digilevi TasutaTV

June–July 2014


Levira, the network administrator of Digilevi TasutaTV (FreeTV) wanted to raise awareness about Estonia’s only free TV service. After Estonia’s transition to digital television in 2010, the communication of TasutaTV ended, the flow of information dried up and the brand remained behind in a highly competitive market.


The FIFA World Cup in Brazil presented the opportunity to tie in the sports highlight of the year with its core business – the transmission of TV. Idea PR organised four public events at Freedom Square in Tallinn, where Digilevi TasutaTV showed football matches on a 46-square-metre screen. Participation in the events was more than expected; for example, approximately 1,500 people gathered to watch the final match.

In July, we added radio advertisements in seven different channels and outdoor media (LED screens). For pre- and post-communication, we actively used social media and BTL communication.


During a one and a half month period, the event was covered 63 times in the press. Radio advertising was heard by about 443,000 pairs of ear, and the number of outdoor media contacts was between 400,000 and 900,000.

The number of TasutaTV Facebook fans grew over 50% and the visibility of entries was over 350,000, collecting 2,047 clicks. Ads were shown 2.3 million times in Facebook. Furthermore, 1,700 potential customer contacts were gathered during the events.

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